Brother/Pentax DSMobile 600 Scanner

This product is black, sleek and lightweight. It is powerful and features a 600dpi color scanner. This item as many is integrated with special software to ensure prompt organized function. It is compatible with MAC’s and PC’s and uses a high speed 2.0 USB interface. Pentax DSmobile scanner is 11’’ wide by 1.5’’ high by 2’’ deep and it weighs 12.2 oz. It is an excellent product for scanning legal documents, school papers, textbook pages, internet print outs, business cards, insurance cards, photos, credit cards, ID cards and much more. The beauty of owning a personal and portable scanner is that it can be transported easily and you can always scan anything at any moment you need. If you have the scanner with you at all times (possibly in your car if your on the move) you can attach it to a computer via USB and retain all recent documents that were scanned in, as long as they weren’t deleted off the scanner. Users rave that this is one of the simplest portable scanners to figure out. It is literally one step away from assembly and one step away from transportation. The only thing that needs to be connected is the USB. This item usually comes with a one year warranty from the company and a carrying case. Portable scanners are an excellent way to organize your documents quickly and easily. This device uses single mode pass through technology for scanning and has a contact image sensor. It is also compliant with TWAIN. It is important to know how wide, thick or long your documents can be when being scanned before purchasing an item. This scanners maxium paper size is 8.5’’ by 14’’. Portable scanners are essential tool for businesses and even better for students. This item is a great purchase and can be found at select stores. Although it is a unique gift to give, if you know someone with a business or a need to organize, save, file and scan documents then they will like this hot commodity.

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NeatReceipts Portable Document Scanner

This scanner is white, lightweight and thin. It reminds me of a large version of a ruler. It weights less then one pound and is great for students, busy professionals, doctors, lawyers and many other types of professions and people. This item is so small and slim that it can fit into a laptop case in one of the pockets. Now I have to say that’s an impressive feat! There are a lot of portable scanners out there and a lot of them basically do the same things, but there are not many that I can say can fit into a laptop case. That truly ensures mobility and expresses the word portable to the fullest. NeatReciepts mobile scanner connect via USB cable and is capable of traveling anywhere with you. This hot commodity features 600 dpi resolution and is 10.8’’ wide by 1.6’’ deep by 1.3’’ high. It also is enabled with NeatWorks 4.0 network software. With new technology this product can scan images, email and digitally file documents at the touch of a button. This item is integrated with 48-bit color depth which allows all images scanned in to have real life color. Most users would recommend this product to a friend and say it functions excellent yet there are always a few that have negative feedback. Some of the negative qualities spoken of are that it has slow integration, if you want to create a PDF file you need to convert the document twice and that when receipts are scanned the item does not interpret well and forces manual entry into Quicken or Excel programs (e.g. if you have a receipt you want to break into parts). Overall users say this scanner is made well and is easy to transport with the carry pouch it comes with. It retails for $229.95 and can be purchased at select stores.

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IRIScan Express 2 & Executive 2 USB Portable Scanners

This product is small and highly effective for those on the go. It connects by USB and can either stand in one place or be transported. This portable document scanner scans items quickly and easily in color for a variety of items. This is an excellent multipurpose tool that can be used to scan a number of things including; legal documents, school papers, books, business cards, photos and much more. When you use this portable scanner your documents will be automatically configured by a system called ReadirisPro 11 to either Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF or Email. As mentioned earlier this portable device can also scan and configure business cards. This is essential for those busy high profile jobs that require networking and updates of contacts. A great way to organize and manage all your contacts is to scan their business cards into Outlook, Act!, Address book, CVS and many more highly effective programs. This is done through using a system called Cardiris 4. My favorite feature about IRIScan 2 portable scanner is that you can convert all of your photos and memories. This allows you to scan pictures and then edit them using Roxio Photo Suite 9. Roxio Photo Suite 9 is a very effective and essential tool because it allows you to edit, fix and enhance your photos. This is great for pictures that you have laying around or images at the office that need scanning. This item is also available in an “executive” version which automatically translates all of your documents upon scanning. With these advanced versions you can also choose which language you want. The IRIScan Express 2 comes in Asian, Arabic & Hebrew while the IRIScan Executive 2 comes in Middle Eastern or an original version. Either way it’s used this item is a hot commodity that is a must have! It is compatible with MAC’s and PC’s and is available at select stores. The original IRIScan Express 2 retails for $149.99, the IRIScan Express 2 for Asian or Arabic & Hebrew translations retails for $199.99, the IRIScan Executive 2 retails for $ 199.99 and the IRIScan 2 Executive Middle Eastern version retails for $599.99.

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Release date November 30, 0001.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 Mobile Scanner

This item is small, lightweight and silver and black in color. This is one of the easiest portable scanners to use. All you need to do is put the item that you want scanned into the scanner and press SCAN. ScanSnap is simple and cool to use and it is able to scan two sides in the time of one. This is true because it scans both sides of a page at once! This is a great feature to have when you are scanning double sided documents. A scanner of this caliber automatically corrects images and enables excellent transcription. Often with portable scanners one page is fed in at a time yet with this device you can put a load of up to ten papers in at a time and can scan up to eight pages a minute. It is fast, simple to use and can be connected to a USB port when AC power sources are not an option. An attractive aspect of this product is that it automatically detects the size of papers and corrects any skew. If a problem occurs and a blank page is scanned or a page does not scan properly and ends up blank or unreadable this device will remove the blank page from the file. One excellent feature that most scanners have is the capability of PDF converting which of course this item has as well. This is a wonderful component of the product because it allows files to easily be found and organized. You can also search for your files by entering keywords contained within them. A technology like this enables swift and easy searching. Portable scanners are chief for scanning legal documents, doctor’s reports, pathology labs, credit card statements, textbook pages, lottery tickets, insurance cards, credit cards, lisences, ID cards and business cards. This item is perfect for anyone from a high profile business company to a student in a dorm. The card scanning feature comes with special software called CardMinder and can export information to programs like Outlook, CSV and many other softwares. The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 is small enough in size to carry around on the go yet can also stand on a desk like a normal scanner. This allows the user to have options and we all know options are always good! It is available at select stores and retails for $295.00.

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Planon DocuPen Handheld Portable Scanner

This portable scanner is designed by Planon Systems which is a leading company in producing new innovative electronics. This item is very small, lightweight and literally looks like a pen. It comes in four colors that allow you to express youself. It uses PaperPort technology designed by Nuance which makes document scanning an ideal experience. This feature is very important and allows files and documents to be found easily. It also helps keep your scanned items organized and ensures capability of sharing records. The DocuPen also has Microsoft Word, Outlook, Wordpad and Notepad intergrated in as a feature. Most scanners include this as well as it helps configure your papers, documents, files, pictures and all scanned items into the appropriate program. This tiny little pen shaped mobile scanner is also capable of scanning pictures and then editing them through a variety of graphic programs implemented within. One feature that that I have to rave about is the fact that this portable scanner features Optical Character Recognition which enables all items scanned that have text to be edited. This is a wonderful aspect of this product because not all scanners allow editing of text and this tiny item has it all. There are two different versions of this mobile scanner available, the R700 and the R800 and both include additional attributes of ABBY FineReader, the Optical Character Recognition mentioned earlier and PDF conversion software. The PDF software may seem like a standard feature but it is very beneficial with uprising of documents being in PDF format. This item is an excellent purchase and has an extremely high level of recognition accuracy and format retention. DocuPen is one of the best portable scanners out there because it has the capability to hold hundreds of documents in its memory and can scan an entire page in just a few seconds. This product is perfect for any work or school atmosphere and fits nicely into your pocket. It does the job better then most scanners and can be purchased at select stores. The R800 retails for $299.99 and the R700 retails for $199.99.

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Wizcom Infoscan TS Elite Portable Pen Scanner

This product is a handheld scanner shaped in the form of a thick pen or highlighter. It comes with a five line touch screen that enables you to view what you have already scanned. This item is able to define words that have been scanned that are unknown in definition because it comes with an American Heritage dictionary installed. Therefore if you scan documents that have words that you are unfamiliar with, you will be able to identify what they mean easily with one touch. Not only does this handheld scanner come with a dictionary but it also tells you how certain words are supposed to be pronounced. This is done by WIZCOM’s text to speech technology which enables you o hear how words sound and how they are pronounced. This portable scanner has a memory of 20,000 lines and after it is all filled up you can transfer scanned items into computer files. A USB cable is not required for this portable scanner but is useful if you have one. It will ensure faster transferring of scanned items to there proper locations on your PC. Infoscan TS elite pen is also able to transfer documents into your PDA which is useful for those on the go. It can also transfer files onto your computer as most scanners do. This is done through IrDA or serial ports. Mobile scanners are useful for a variety of people like lawyers, doctors, teachers, students and so forth. It enables scanning of important documents like like labs, pathology reports, legal papers, text book information, credit card statements, business cards, insurance cards, ID cards, licenses and much more. The possibilities are endless! This device has 400 by 400 dpi resolution and comes with USB ports. Users of this item however, are not as fond as the manufactures are. People say that it does not read scanned information properly and even with different approaches the product did not prevail. Although, to make up for the lack of scanning, the menu functions are easy to use. This is one of those 50/50 products that you as the buyer need to user your own discretion upon. It retails for $229.99. **Update December 2010: This model doesn’t seem to be available anymore but Amazon has the new Infoscan2 up on their website – see link below.

List Price: $99.95 USD
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Who Can Benefit From a Portable Scanner?

After understanding how efficient and effective a portable document scanner is, we need to focus on the consumer who will find this device most useful. More often than not, common people who are of older generations that are not in pace with growing technology will tend to believe that the new hi-tech tools are not for them and they are better off without them. This is a view that should be abandoned right away. A portable document scanner is a device that is sure to help almost anybody, from a student to any older person. In fact, this scanner may just be a necessity in every professional or student’s life. It is a need and not essentially a luxury. Just as a pen comes in handy for every living being in the quest of knowledge, information and sharing, portable document scanners can find a similar role. This article will briefly consider how this device is helpful in the lives of a student, a working man, and an older man.


The basic idea of a student’s objective for receiving education is to gather information on a daily basis. And unfortunately, owning numerous technical books can cost a fortune. What a student can do instead of spending a lot of money is scan the pages that are of importance to them and immediately transfer the documents to their laptops via USB. This way a soft copy of those pages is obtained in just a matter of minutes. The student can now refer to the information they have scanned at any time that is particularly convenient for them.


Let us consider a sales executive who has to knock on several doors or make several calls to get the assigned number of products sold before their working day can end. He or she may well have to save the details of each customer, which consists of coping up with a lot of paper work. The documents can be scanned in a moment, though, which helps by saving their paperwork on the spot. In doing so, they can save a lot of time. An added advantage is the capability to reach more homes or businesses en route, thanks to the valuable saving of time.

Ordinary People, Young or Old

A need may arise for any person to scan a photo, their ID-card, or their passport for some purpose. With a portable scanner, you can do that anytime and anywhere. You can scan your documents at any place and can have them transferred to your notebook or laptop quite easily without having to go back home and find your desktop scanner for this purpose. A portable document scanner is also so light in weight that it can even be carried in your pocket.

Key Benefits of the Best Portable Document Scanners

Portable document scanners have revolutionized the way we gather information in an office, a trade fair or any other setting. If you are in a trade fair, for example, and it is required that you collect business cards of all your customers (who do not like waste time filling in their details at your counter), all you need is a portable document scanner. It is very lightweight and gets the job done quickly and without wasting your customer’s valuable time.

What can a portable document scanner do? It can instantly scan business cards, ID-cards, paper documents, and more. The best part about this scanner is how useful it is for practically anyone. Imagine a student trying to copy some notes prepared by a friend. The only means he or she has is to get the photocopy of the notes. But a portable document scanner can do the job right in the classroom. There is no need for the student to find a photocopying shop and get it done. A professional, a clerk, a cashier – literally anyone can benefit from a portable document scanner. When in a meeting, you may have to meet new clients. To get their data registered you can use such a  device. The possibilities are endless.

Some eye catching features of these mobile devices include:

  • More data in less time: You can scan a lot of documents in a jiffy. It saves you time as well as paper!
  • Cuts paper usage: Your office will no longer need paper to store information regarding certain events. Think about it, you are actually saving paper, which in turn means you are potentially saving a tree!
  • Organize your data: You can organize the data that you have scanned. Better organization of data means faster retrieval of data when the need arises.
  • Collection of business cards for all your important customers: You can save a huge number of details on all those customers of yours who mean a lot to you.
  • Human intervention is not needed to scan data (except the person using the scanner to scan the documents, of course!): It is well known that manually saved data can at times prove erroneous. But when using a scanner, you do not give error a chance to occur.
  • Lightweight: This is the best feature of a portable document scanner. Carry it wherever you want to easily!

Experience the Convenience of a Portable Scanner

Portable scanners have several advantages that appeal to people in all walks of life. Of the several devices that have already made their mark, the portable scanner is one of the most important. The way information is scanned and the time it takes to scan is excellent compared to the desk-mounted scanners. Also, they weigh under a pound, which means you can carry them with you wherever you go. There are even document scanners that mimic the shape of a pen. The nature of the documents you can be scanning totally depends on the makeup of the scanner. So if you tend to purchase cheap models, then you will probably be scanning some A4 sized documents. When you shell out a little bit of money for better quality, you can scan a wider range of documents. Generally, the medium-priced device makes the most sense economically. The money you spend on this device is absolutely worth it.

Maybe you are out on a business trip; you can’t always depend on a surfing center just to get your documents scanned. In such instances, this device really comes in handy. And it will not occupy much space in your luggage, yet it saves you the pain of visiting a business center in a hotel or having to manually sort the documents and enter data.

In banks it is advisable to use portable document scanners to increase the efficiency of the workers. After a short examination, it is easy to see how efficiency has improved as a result of using such devices. A worker, be it a clerk or a cashier, spends a great deal of amount of time in manually inputting the details of an applicant, and there may be a long queue of applicants at times. A lot of paper is also used in the process. In order to electronically perform this task, the clerk simply scans a person’s ID-card to obtain the vital data and stores it in a laptop or computer. This process takes just a few minutes and the clerk can attend to several other applicants, thus reducing their wait time.

In trade fairs, as another example, you may be endorsing your product. A set of interested customers would like to drop in their personal details so that you can deliver your product to their doorstep. In this scenario, you can simply scan their business card and store it in your notebook computer or laptop. Technology keeps growing every day, and it is our responsibility to see that we utilize it to the fullest extent and benefit from it.

Visioneer Strobe XP 220 Sheetfed Scanner

This scanner is black, small and fast. It has the ability to scan items such as documents, photos, articles, brochures and business cards. This small device is very powerful and uses specially integrated systems to assist in precise document scanning. Images are enhanced by Kofax VRS and connected to the computer using a high speed USB 2.0 interface. Visioneer and Kofax VRS have worked together to create a device that has the highest level of scanning potential. This little portable scanner is capable of excellent image transcription and can all be done with the touch of your hand. OneTouch is a system within the scanner that ensures that your items scan quickly and efficiently without opening any other annoying programs up to interfere. Visioneer Strobe XP Sheetfed Scanner doesn’t end there with its innovative solutions; it also ensures that the scanner is sensitive and aware of when paper is placed in the scanner. This is done through AutoLaunch technology which has been specially designed for this scanner. When OneTouch and AutoLaunch technologies are used together, a world of opportunities is created. This allows excellent scanning, transcription, colors and speed all at your fingertips. When these two programs work together it also allows for swift decision making of where you would like to place the document in your computer files once it is scanned (i.e. Email, Saved Folders, Desktop, Etc.). When you purchase this advanced portable scanner you will ensure that all of your documents, applications and computer software are compatible. This is done by the bundle that this item comes with which includes; Visioneer OneTouch with Kofax VRS technology, ArcSoft PhotoImpression, Nuance PaperPort, Nuance OmniPage Pro and TWAIN and WIA drivers. The last feature I think is important to discuss on this product is the fact that it has PDF compatibility. PDF has been on the uprising the last several years and now a lot of documents are best viewed in this format. This scanner allows image only PDF or text only PDF searching and scanning. This is a wonderful feature because it allows you to search for your document or file not only by its name but by the text within it. This transportable scanner also enables you to scan photos and documents into usual formats of JPEG, TIFF, HTML, DOC and XLS. Portable scanners are on the up-rise and are an excellent tool for businesses, homes, students or on-the-go demanding jobs. This product is available at select stores and retails for $299.99.

List Price: $322.99 USD
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